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HI POWER CYCLES Black Lightning

After the overwhelming success of the 2020 model, we are extremely pleased to release this all new 2021 Black Lightning! Lightning strikes again with the all new HPC Black Lightning. Lovingly named after our famed high speed motor system, this bike lives up to the hype! Weighing in under 48 pounds (no battery) and capable of pushing the bike past 40 mph, the all new Black Lightning is a wolf in sheep's clothing. Using the most sophisticated in controller technology and highest performance brushless, gearless motor system available, this bike sets new standards for performance! This bike craves open stretches of roadway, and the high speed motor is designed with speed in mind.

Delivery time: 6 weeks
42mph (68 km/h)
Colors: Black
100mi range (161 km/h)
  Cargo basket support
  2 passengers